Financial Planning

Ways to be Financially Stable

Just like our other goals in life, being financially stable should definitely be on the list as it allows us to live a good and healthy life. Given that, below are some of the ways that you can become financially stable yourself.

  1. Avoid having debts. If we have personal loans, credit cards, and other debts, then we need to create a plan to eliminate them. Start by listing and arranging debts alphabetically for an easier assessment. We can also make it from the smallest to the biggest debt. Make it a goal to pay even one debt every time we have extra money. We should also take the time to pay our debts even if it has been months or years since being paid. Then, celebrate these payments as it can inspire us to continue the practice. Always start from the smallest and advance forward to the biggest debt. Always keep in mind that eradicating our debts can give us a larger way to financial stability.


  1. Apply the envelope system. The envelope system allows us to be on track regarding our expenses effectively. Here, we need to put aside our expenses, and there should be at least three per payday. In this instance, let’s say it is the groceries, gas, and leisure. Once the payday has arrived, we need to take these envelopes and not spend them. We only need to keep it inside a safety box or vault, and we can only open it once we deposit it in the bank or if needed.


  1. Immediately Pay Bills. Next thing is that we need to pay our bills immediately, may it be for the water, electricity, internet, or something else. Paying bills as fast as we can and as much as our wallet can stand can save us from being in debt again. Another thing, payment centers have been operating both online and offline. They have both physical stores and online websites wherein customers are being entertained and accommodated.


  1. Scan our Personal Finances. Next, we need to scan our personal finances through educating ourselves to make them better and improved. It is important for us to be aware of our finances so that we can be on track regarding our expenses and priorities when spending money. This can help us to be safe from pits of empty bank accounts and pockets.


  1. Grow our Net Worth. To improve our net worth, we need to push ourselves through the limits, may it be physically, mentally, or socially. In this way, we can see opportunities of ourselves growing, not only holistically but also financially. This can be through venturing into a business, becoming employed or an employer, and so much more. Besides, there are several ways to grow our net worth, and it only needs determination and hard work to be possible.


  1. Avoid Impulsive Buying. Living a good life isn’t always about being able to purchase our needs such as food, water, and shelter, but also our wants that bring more satisfaction and happiness. However, if we want ourselves to be financially stable, getting every trend is not a necessity. Instead, we need to turn to investments and passive income sources that can help us grow financially. After all, impulsive buying only brings temporary happiness so it will be better if we are able to settle for a lifetime.


  1. Live Frugally by Evaluating our Expenses. Tracking our expenses in a month is a clever and good thing to do as it raises our awareness regarding the way we handle our finance. This is the first step into becoming financially stable as it allows us to identify our top priorities than anything else. It also keeps us in the lane of low-key living wherein we aren’t too materially needy. Just a simple and frugal life is enough.


  1. Invest in our Future. Next, we need to invest more in our future than anything else. Living a good life, after all, isn’t about the fancy and shiny things but the principle we hold onto. Once we have the principle of living simply, retiring young, and keeping our banks full, then we can guarantee ourselves the best life.


  1. Keep the Family Secured. Lastly, we need to keep the family secure by prioritizing their needs over others. Here, we can make it a priority to invest in trades, properties, and others. We also need to ensure sufficient insurances in which every member has an expecting benefit when tough times come.

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